“Every city or town needs spiritual places where men and women can find a space that reminds them of the profound realities of life that are more important than consuming and competing. In our modern world it’s difficult to find these places so that’s what we, as Buddhists are offering, alongside the Churches and other spiritual and cultural places. We want to offer this space for people to study, reflect and meditate and, above all, rediscover their heart.”

Lama Jampa Thaye

Here in Yorkshire we offer central meeting places and hold regular meditation sessions which have proved to be of great benefit to visitors over the years. We are an informal group who follow the traditional Buddhist path and we are very pleased to say we often hold special events and host teachings given by visiting Lamas.


We have meetings each week throughout Yorkshire at our different groups. Whether you are new to Buddhism or looking to further your knowledge a list of our meetings is on our interactive map.


The majority of our Buddhist teachings are given by our western teacher Lama Jampa Thaye, these are really special events and are held all over the world and also here in Yorkshire.If you have an interest in teachings please subscribe to our newsletter or email for more information.


We organise regular residential and non-residential retreats. Please contact us through the website, email or contacts page, alternatively you can come along to your local meeting and have a chat with the team.


At our weekly meetings we offer guided meditation open to all. Please locate your nearest meetings on our interactive map.