Thoughts on meditation

There is nothing new about meditation, it is an old tried and tested technique used by individuals in communities throughout the world over many centuries. It is not a method exclusive to a specific type of person or geared up to a particular need.

We offer regular meditation sessions for all who are interested in experiencing it`s benefits.
Sitting meditation enables us to cut through the continual chatter of thoughts, to be able to settle in calmness and discover the natural clarity of our mind.

For many years meditation has become of increasing interest to people with their busy modern lifestyles.Daily our lives contain a whole wealth of experiences from the dynamic and powerful to the seemingly subtle and insignificant and this is where meditation can  provide a new and more balanced perspective.

If you would like to find out more we would love to welcome you to one of our friendly informal meditation meetings on either Wednesdays or Saturday mornings.

Meditation in Harrogate

Weekly drop in meditation sessions:

  1. Wednesday morning at  10.00am –11.00am
  2. Wednesday evening at   7.15pm  – 8.00pm
  3.    Saturday morning at   11.00am –12.00am

We also have meetings across Yorkshire, please take a look at our interactive map to locate a meeting close to you.

There is no fee charged for these sessions, however donations are welcome.

Meditation retreats

Several times a year we arrange meditation retreats at our Harrogate centre which allows participants to escape the hustle and bustle of busy everyday life. These meditation days comprise of three to four separate sessions which follow the calm abiding technique used in our weekly drop in meditation group. We hope by attending you will be able to appreciate the benefits that can be obtained by adopting a different perspective to bring about a gentler restful state.

Lunch and refreshments are included.