The Precious Rosary of the Supreme Path by Gampopa on Saturday 9th May 2020 in Hebden Bridge

Also known as The Jewel Rosary, The Precious Rosary of the Supreme Path by the great Kagyu master Gampopa, is a treasury of advice on practising genuine dharma. It unifies the two streams of spiritual instructions that descended from the early Kadam tradition and the Mahamudra lineage of Indian and Tibetan masters.

Gampopa himself declared that to receive this text and its companion work, The Jewel Ornament, would generate a blessing that was equal to that of meeting him face to face.This teaching day is the fifth  part of this special  text and the commentary.

Saturday 9th May 2020  

Facility fee – £25.00 This teaching is for the whole day       


Birchcliffe Centre

Birchcliffe Road

Hebden Bridge

West Yorkshire HX78DB

Excellent Rail links from Leeds and Manchester

Good selection of cafe`s in Hebden Bridge