“Every city or town needs spiritual places where men and women can find a space that reminds them of the profound realities of life that are more important than consuming and competing. In our modern world it’s difficult to find these places so that’s what we, as Buddhists are offering, alongside the Churches and other spiritual and cultural places. We want to offer this space for people to study, reflect and meditate and, above all, rediscover their heart.”

Lama Jampa Thaye


Feeling at home

Here in Yorkshire we have a regional Buddhist meditation Centre and meet together in different locations throughout Yorkshire, wherever there is a demand.  Our meditation and study sessions have proved to be of great benefit to many people over the years.  Many visitors drop by for just a few sessions, coming back to us after they’ve had time to digest what they’ve experienced here.  Others feel right at home and start to build a relationship with the Buddhist teachings.

Over the last year, we have maintained continuity by moving to ‘Zoom’ where-ever possible.  It is still possible for us to meet up with old friends (and new) and to continue to deepen our familiarity with the advice of the Buddha.

A balanced approach

We are an informal group and are happy to introduce everyone to the benefits of meditation. We teach calm abiding meditation, which grounds us in the present moment and builds awareness of the natural activity of our mind. This is enormously valuable.  

However, we also offer the opportunity to follow a graduated path and to combine our calm abiding meditation with the study of a broad range of authentic Buddhist teachings.  Many of these are open to all and can be joined at any stage in the series. 

Meeting the teachers

The majority of the Buddhist teachings we study are are transmitted by Lama Jampa Thaye, dharma-regent of Karma Thinley Rinpoche. These are really special events as Lama Jampa teaches all over the world as well as the UK; and we are normally fortunate enough to host teachings twice a year, here in Yorkshire.  If you have an interest in attending these teachings, please keep in touch.