Hear, think and meditate

Over the last few decades, ordinary people have become increasingly interested in meditation, as we become aware that our busy modern lifestyles do not provide tranquility or clarity.

Although it can be used in many ways, meditation is used here in combination with the ‘good advice’ of the Buddha to attain happiness through understanding the nature of our mind and of the world.

The Buddha’s teachings enable us to get a grip on the welter of our experience, whether apparently powerful or subtle and seemingly insignificant.

Making space

The benefits to us – and those around us – start as soon as we put aside a little time to hear the Buddhist teachings, think about them in our own time and space and gradually learn to meditate on them.

Calm-abiding meditation enables us to become aware of the continual chatter of thoughts and to let go of attachment to them. In this way, we can start to discover the natural clarity of our mind.

Learning together

We offer regular meditation sessions to everyone who is interested in experiencing its benefits. If you would like to find out more, you are welcome to one of our friendly sessions. We can also help you to establish a rhythm of meditation practice in your own life, if you wish to do so.

Meditation retreats

Several times a year, as appropriate, we arrange meditation days which allow participants to re-focus on these valuable teachings, stepping outside the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

These short and informal retreats comprise three or four sessions of the calm-abiding technique (as practised in our weekly meditation sessions) with breaks for lunch, refreshments and relaxation.

 Group retreats have not been possible this year but this should be changing soon. Please message us if you would like to know more.