Lama Jampa Thaye visits Yorkshire on Saturday 10th September 2022 to teach the Union of the Great Seal and the Great Perfection by Karma Chakme.

Morning 10.30am
The Union of the Great Seal and the Great Perfection by Karma Chakme.

Afternoon 2.30pm
Initiation of Chenrezi.

Union of The Great Seal and The Great Perfection

The Union of The Great Seal and the Great Perfection is a major teaching in the form of a series of eight songs composed by Karma Chakme. Characterised by its directness and clarity it is one of the most famous set of meditation instructions in the Kagyu tradition.
In his text Karma Chakme guides us through the common and uncommon preliminary practices of Vajrayana and then by focussing on the meditation of Chenrezi he teaches the methods of deity yoga. This is followed by an introduction to the combined practice of the Great Seal (Mahamudra) and the Great Perfection (Dzok Chen).


The Initiation of Chenrezi

Chenrezi is revered in all traditions of Buddhism as the supreme embodiment of compassion.

Please note that while the teaching is open to all, anyone wishing to attend the initiation must have made a formal commitment to the Buddhist path through taking refuge. Please contact Kagyu Dechen Dzong ( if you wish to take refuge before the initiation.

Bolton Abbey Village Hall
Bolton Abbey
North Yorkshire
BD23 6EX
Directions to the venue

Facility Fee
Full day: £30.00
Full day concessions: £20.00
Morning only: £15
Free admission to under 18’s
Please note there are no ATM machines in the village

The stewards will direct you to the free car park at the venue.
(Do not use the paid for car park)
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